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Caption Contest #2

It was a really difficult decision this time, and finally I chose 2 winners.

Elijah: Mmm.....good Butterbeer!
Dom: Wingardium Leviosa!
Billy: Er....guys...I think you've memorized the wrong script...

(by Evenstar3000)


Dom: Me, me!! I want to sign it first..

(by Jen) To see the rest of the submitted captions (and I suggest you do, because some are really good indeed) you can go to the [Caption Contest Archive]

Sean - Take me to your leader.
Orli - The destruction of your world will commence in 4 of your earth days.

(by IdiotsAnonymous, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Official LotR Fanclub Caption Contest

Merry - I don't think she knows about blonde jokes, Pip.

(by Nancy F.)


Galadriel realizes that Gimli has sold her lock of hair on E(lf)-Bay.

(by Susan F.)



(by Linda N.)


Yet hope remains, while the company is true; but if I take the ring, it'll ruin my 'do!

(by Anne H.)


Taking a Trip to Lothlorien: 30 pieces of gold.
Meeting Galadriel in Person: 50 pieces of gold.
Getting an Elvish Souvenir Gift: 150 pieces of gold.
The Look on Galadriel's Face when she reads Your Thoughts: Priceless!

(by Jared Ch.)

Caption Contest from Tolkien Online

"Arwen, tell me that is only a temporary tattoo . . ."

(by Lady_Shinigami)

Elrond: " is time...let me tell you about the birds and the bees..."

(by anaconda)

In a final attempt stop the marriage, Elrond calls on his alter ego. "Arwen, humans are a virus."

(by daughterofpaladin)

Elrond - "Now just relax and clear your mind...good... now, you want to go to the grey havens.. you love me better....

(by Aduial)

Arwen, honey...The draperies have to go, its bad feng shui.

(by narnensul)

Orli couldn't believe the hobbits would draw on him during his nap!

(by Pearltook, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

*ahem* Orlando Bloom, i hereby arrest you on behalf of the grey panthers for such offences as the yellow trucker hat and frilly have the right to remain silent and anything you say could be used against you.Put your hands on your head and we can discuss any issues at the station....

(by Tater, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Explanation: Orlando's style of clothes didn't always go down too well with the GPs