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Caption Contest # 1

Whenever dom gets scared he always brings his blankie with him (even though the movie that they are watching is rated G.)

(by Aly)
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"Elijah. How about after this take we sneak out for a beer and pizza.."
"You read my mind.."

(by FrodoBaggins, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

There... I can see it... a beautiful yummy pizza....

Oh! And there's the Pizzeria, too!!

(by LaWise, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

When Galadriel sniffed Frodo's hair...

... she had the idea for a new perfume, the Galadriel Eau de Toilette. Buy now, new in Middle Earth! It comes in a beautifuly, handcrafted, light and shiny phial. Order yours NOW!

(by LaWise, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

"Hello. this is legolas greenleaf, elf prince of mirkwood. you'll never look as good as i do. ever. not even in your wildest dreams. but, you can improve your god-awful mortal appearance somewhat by using Galadriel cosmetics, developed by Galadriel of Lorien herself.
Galadriel cosmetics. the closest you can ever come to an immortal glow.*
*Galadriel cosmetics does not test its products on hobbits. no hobbits were harmed in the making of these products. "

(by Astael, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Galandriel indulges in the latest Lothlorian trend..steam facials.

(by Plaidpjs, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Guys-C'mon 'Lij!!
EW-I don't know guys....I mean I know it sounded like a good idea at the pub, but I don't think using the screen as a sled to go down the hill is going to work...
Guys-Of course it will!!
EW-There isn't even any snow!!

(by nienna, Elijah's Grey Panthers)


Guy standing alone: ok lads this is meant to be an action shot. Wot is going ta happen is that Mr. Wood is gonna come flying through this hoop, breaking the paper, circus like..ya know?? Meanwhiles the cameramen down below are gonna shoot the boy comin' thru you lads gotta hold the hoop real tight now...
YKW: sigh.......????

(by Annabelle, Elijah's Grey Panthers)


YKW: Are you SURE that will catch me after the fall?

(by Teeque, Elijah's Grey Panthers)


YKW: Does this meet the specifications of Sean's Safety Manual?

(by cicada77, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

With Middle Earth in an uproar, traffic jams ensue as everyone rushes to purchase their own copy of "Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix".

(by nienna, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

The hobbits just didn't know how to react when the cave troll told them they were even more beautiful by Sting-light...*

(by Astael)