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"Down a bit. The itch is lower."
(by Calma, Tolkien Online)


"And this is how you apply the choke hold . . . (by Nienna_Telrunya, Tolkien Online)


'Tis not to worry, Aragon, I see but a few flakes.
(by Minardil, Tolkien Online)


Do not be troubled, Aragorn. At some point we all must realize that the Oscars are unjust.
(by Amelia, Tolkien Online)

Shadow Puppet Show - "...And this is Bill the Bunny. Everyone say 'Hi Bill!'"
(by nienna, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

(by Elijah Wood)

Gandalf: i can't believe i lost him. all i have left is his jacket.
Frodo: hee hee hee......
(by Puck, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

(by Elijah Wood)

Elijah's hedgehog

Explanation (pictures say more than words - check the hair)

MS: Woah ho ho! The Hedgehog's really outta control today huh? he he he

(by Annabelle, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

...and to continue this topic...

"Note to self... Don't cut my own hair."
(by FrodoBaggins, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

"Or at least lay off the first."
(by Bullroarer Took, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

You see, I did it once... and had to shave my head..

I'm sorry... sob.. the memory is just so painful
(by cicada77, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Okay Billy, what is the smallest space you can fit 4 hobbits and 2 elves into?

I dunno, lets try it shall we?

Woah! I'm impressed. Well there you have it. The answer is a very, very small space.
(by pharazgil, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Billy - Dom, you look really hot.
Dom - Billy, don't even think of that ice cream one.
(submitted by Gawsh Its Hot)