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"Secretly supressing their smiles, Aragorn and Arwen quietly, without attracting attention from the other hobbits, take bets on how long Frodo can stay atop the horse on his own."
(by Eve Leomos, from Mary's Site )

Thanks to a time machine, Elijah Wood will be playing Harry Potter.
(taken from The Making of a Legend )

Wow! The new Nimbus 2000 high-tech bow!
(by Megan, from MySongParodies )

I'll show that Legolas who the REAL blonde is...
(by Megan, from MySongParodies )

If anyone's arrow shoots that close to my head one more time, I sware they'll be sorry!
(by Megan, from MySongParodies )

(by Eve Leomas, from Mary's Site

(from left to right it reads:) Security! Can anyone get the moron out of here? - Just another dedicated fan, look at his face, haha! - Let him be, he's too short to be a Star Trooper anyway!
(taken from Jenny's Laugh of the Rings

As long as I don't write with my ciggie and smoke my pen I'm going to be fine!
(can't remember source of this one, sorry...)

Mom's gonna kill me, she'll never get these socks white again.
(by plaidpjs, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Looks like Elijah was composing the Ballad of the Lost Shoes...
(by FrodoBaggins, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

(taken from Jenny's Laugh of the Rings