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The Middle Earth Baseball Pleasures

developed on the Grey Panthers Message Board by Teeque, Pearltook, Astael and Lexa III

Pippin stared in awe and some understandable confusion as Merry stepped up to bat and pointed towards left center.

* Merry stands at home plate...there's the pitch...he watches as it goes over his head*

ump: Ball 1

Frodo and Grey Panthers - *yelling and hooting* Good eye Merry! Give him a pitch he can hit Saruman! We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher!

Saruman: *yelling at the ump* How do you expect me to pitch to him???! He's only 4 feet tall!!!

oh no! grima's catching! and he's trying to influence the other team's coach! no fair! this game is rigged!!

Eowyn prepares to bat next with her special WETA Workshop bat.

After running day and night to find Merry and Pippin, Legolas knew that his perfectly pedicured feet would never be the same again.
(submitted by Jolly_Good)

Cate Blanchett: thinks to self ..."if I have to sniff that flea-bitten wig one more time today, I'll show them one BAD BUTT-KICKIN elf Queen...
(by annabelle, Elijah's Grey Panthers)


Ooo, she may be weary...
Elf Queens, they do get weary...
Sniffin' the same old hobbit hair...
Ooo but when she gets weary, weary...
Won't you try a little lembas, dear...
(by Marigold6, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Sorrows and Pains with the Legendary Chicken Dance

by Annabelle, Elijah's Grey Panthers

For those of the viewers on this site who don't have a clue what the Legendary Chicken Dance is: this is it:

I just don't believe it...dude this rots.

Poor guy.

Jeez, its good to be an elf...

this is so not terrific....he even lengthened the blessed thing.

EW: Peter, do I really have to do it now?
PJ: Elijah it is essential for the spirit of the scene...

IM: we'll be here for you afterwards, dear hobbit.

PJ: AND roll Film!
EW: oh man....well here goes



and WHOA!!


SA: Its all over now...ya did really good, buddy...pat pat pat
EW: Oh Sam, it was awful...

(both by unknown authors)

OB: Oh you mean I had to dress up for this? Crud!!!
(by NaughtyLilHobbit, aka Noddy, Elijah's Grey Panthers)