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Ladies and Gentlemen... meet... the Schnoz of Udun!

(by bullroarer took, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Geraldo Rivera - Elijah's Biggest Fear

A short caption story by bullroarer took, inspired by the Geraldo Rivera Reports - Finding Elijah Wood in Hiding, written by FrodoBaggins

*creepy music...whooshing lens distortion*

There's that creepy music again. Howard Shore is brilliant dude, but this can't be good.

What in the sam hill....meep!

Get off the road! Get off the road!

Pippin: Och! Leave room fer th'cabbage!

(thinking) Aw, cripes! This is an evil I've not encountered before.

"Yo....dude... Hello?...... Hello?......."
(by FrodoBaggins, Elijah's Grey Panthers)


Dom: Earth to Doodle, come in Doodle...Doodle? Doodle??
YKW: *CDs...bag full of full of made of made of made of CDs...CDs...CDs...*
(by bullroarer took, Elijah's Grey Panthers)


EW:*big sigh* I wonder when those nice GPs are gonna send me another batch of those great brownies...oooo, and maybe some spam and mac cassarole...
DM: So are you gonna share this time, bro?...yo, Lij...hellllooo, anybody home?...
(by marigold6, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

BB: Y'alrite down there Dom!


BB: *evil snigger* love scaring Dom from my caption every time!
(by Naughty Little Hobbit (aka Noddy), Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Fans begin to question EW's sanity as he is witnessed telling his imaginary pet flea to behave itself.
(by Teeque, Elijah's Grey Panthers)


EW: *pressing buttons on his calculator*
and add in the $$ I spent on CD's at Virgin...totals...WHAT??!! No way I've spent my whole paycheck already!
(by pearltook, Elijah's Grey Panthers)


EW: Not now BK! I'm doing an interview, I'll play chess with you later!!
to reporter: *sigh* Scale doubles can be so demanding, but you have to be firm...
(by Astael, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

VM: Hmmm, didn't know there were trains in middle earth...
(by Naughty Lil Hobbit (aka Noddy), Elijah's Grey Panthers)

It's SamDogg, Gangsta of the Shire, doing the electric boogaloo
(by bullroarer took, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

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