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Frod'Elvis enters the building...

Peter Jackson comtemplates a new twist to the ending of Return of the King
(by FrodoBaggins, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Gandalf: *sniff, sniff!* Ewww! Ugh! What in the world -??!!??
Horse: (heh, heh!)
(by Simmer, Elijah's Grey Panthers)


Horse (thinking to self): Mmmmm, had a great time in the cabbage patch last night. *belly rumble* Sniffff... Aahhhhhhh....
(by Tamaruda, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

frodo: oh great! now its raining! and someone forgot to pack a tent!
pippin: i said i was sorry!
sam: *sighs*...worst camping trip ever...
merry: quit whining, all of you! it could be worse!!
(by Astael)

The Grey Panthers (GP) on Rohirrim Extra Duty

, by bullroarer took, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Inspired by this article found on
They have recruited orcs, elves and hobbits from all over New Zealand. Now The Lord of the Rings film makers are searching for extras to play the people of Rohan for the third film in Peter Jackson's multimillion-dollar trilogy The Return of the King.
Casting director Liz Mullane said she was looking for 200 extras with a very specific look. Rohans are a Nordic-looking race tall and statuesque with long, blonde or red hair, or, for the men, bald with beards. Men aged over 16 and women over 55 are particularly sought.
The casting call is next Saturday at Lane Park Community Auditorium in Upper Hutt between 11am and 3pm.

Setting: New Zealand. Set for ROTK. The GP bus pulls up, and GPs tumble out of the bus, on stilts and platform boots, rearranging flowing wigs of various shades, all trying to look older than 55.
GPs: We're here for the extra jobs! Yippee! Want a brownie?


Am I seeing what I think I am seeing?

Oh, man!

What is that?

Aye canna find th'words...


I cannot look.

Make it stop, Astin, make it stop!


Och! Aye canna...........och!


Luckily for the cast, Peter always had a contingency plan in case of a GP invasion:

"He missed".