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Sauron: All right who was it that stole my precious pink fluffy bunny slippers?
(by Zephia, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Aragorn: so I saved the young lass and she offered to marry meÖ Legolas: oooh, Arwens not gonna be a happy elf maiden when she hears about this!
(by Zephia, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Legolas - Hold still you buggers!!!!
(by Naughy Lil Hobbit, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Elrond: as soon as I say NOWWWWW! We all do the Mexican wave to scare away all the mordorian scum, they cannot be aloud to win the middle earthen cup this time!
(by Zephia, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Legolas isn't himself today. he says he feels a little fuzzy.
(by Puck, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Frodo: How many more takes, this has to be the hundredth time Iíve had to eat that stuff, now I feel so sick *stumbles and hears a squelch* Sam: uhhh, Frodo, you just stood in a dead frogs entrails
(by Zephia, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Hold perfectly still and I shall rid you of that pesky fly.
(by Sevenbelow, from Tolkien Online )

Legolas thinks: "I can't hit him on this distance! maybe I should lean a little forward..."
(by Ninenorniniel, Tolkien Online)

"He's NOT short! He's vertically impaired!"
(by StriderC, Tolkien Online)

"Just look at the flex action on this baby!...But the really great thing about this model is the warranty: 100 years or 1000 Orcs. That means if your GRANDSON breaks it, you still get a full refund! You just can't beat an investment like this one!"
(by TiJean, Tolkien Online

Legolas forgot to put his contact lenses in that morning
(by lotrfreak98, Tolkien Online)

Legolas demonstrates two things:
1) His skill as an archer
2) His ineptitude at calculating odds.
(by Cirdan_the_Shipwright, Tolkien Online)

The Gangs of Middle Earth
(by Legolas_Fancier)

Frodo poses for Gentleman Hobbits' Monthly
(by Astael, Elijah's Grey Panthers)