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Sauron's Eye: "You Cannot Hi....Geez your eyes are blue"


"Hello, little masters. I hope you brought Visa. It's he only card we accept in Bree"

*gulp* I knew I forgot something!

Frodo - How much cash can we scrape together? All I've got is Bilbo's old ring, a pouch of Old Toby, and a coffee mug. I'm sure I could pawn the ring - although I'd really rather not if there's another way. (...)

"Oh let's see here... I can give you one night's lodging in a room for 4 plus a hearty supper for that watch and the spoons. Haven't a use for an elven brooch. Besides, ever since the movie came out, tourism has been up and you can get the same thing at the trinket shop down on 2nd, street. Enjoy your stay, little master."
(by FrodoBaggins, BonafideFrodoholic, annabelle).

Uh... did I mention I was afraid of hights?
(by jennbear,

Pippin - Please tell me that was rain and not a bird.

"I thought you said this nail varnish would dry in 30 seconds!"
(by insert_username,

Guy in car: I've got candy!
Lij: My mommy said I'm not supposed to get in the car with strangers, but...if you've got candy...
(by Thelittlehobbit,

No comment.
(by Fozzer, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

EW - Dude, how many more takes is Peter going to need? I am freezing my ass off...
SA - Do what I do: close your eyes and think warm thoughts like this: lying on a sweltering beach...burning hot sun...
(by Harmony4u, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Elijah - Wait, lemme see, I think I know how to fix this....
Dom - OMG, don't press that button... *click, flash* Oops, too late)
(by Tamaruda, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Orlando graciously accepts the first annual "Children's Award".
(by plaidpjs, Elijah's Grey Panthers)


Orlando - Stuff hobbit tossing, kid tossing is much more fun!
(by naughty lil hobbit, Elijah's Grey Panthers)