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Some old "new" captions

These are captions that seemed to have fallen into the shadows when the Caption Page was a building site.

Elijah - My teeth!! Someone stole my teeth!!
(by FrodoBaggins, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Pics by MTV... Caps by Fozzer/Firefox, Elijah's Grey Panthers, EWForever

Oh yeah, there's nothing better in life than drinking a hot cup of coffee while wearing a puffy shirt...

Lemme just shave off these two hairs here....

Yes, I did just get out of the shower. Why do you ask?

If she pinces me I will stick Sam on her....

There better not be blond hair dye in that bottle....

I think the mullet is coming back in style....

Would you like some Candy, little girl?

Girl - I'll give you this camera, if you introduce me to Elijah.
Orli - Oh boy, Dom hates it when they try to bribe him...he's gonna lose it in about a second.
(by annabelle, Elijah's Grey Panthers)
Lady to Dom - do you mind taking my picture with Orli?
Dom - *thinks* Yep, it's that shirt. Drives women mad
(by Bonafide Frodoholic, Elijah's Grey Panthers)
Orlando to self - Wonder how long it will take for her to realize this dude is cardboard...
(by FrodoBaggins, Elijah' Grey Panthers)
Orli - Oh Gawd! I can't believe Dom's trying the "winner of the staring contest gets the camera" routine again
(by Harmony4u, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Jeez! Maybe eating 6 bean Burritos wasn't such a good idea!
(by Ygraine, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Dom - Hehe, these inflatable Frodo dolls are so realistic.
Sean - Hmm... I think he needs more inflating, though. Where's the blow-up thingy?
Billy - I think it is down there by the feet somewhere.
(by Harmony4u from Grey Panthers Message Board)

Frodo Learns the Truth about His Ring....
(by FrodoBaggins, Elijah's Grey Panthers, referring to a thread on GP where the ring is being characterised as an alcoholic entity. )