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Gandalf - What? No, I did not leave my big pointy hat, I'm trying to be hip!
(by PippinsLongLostSis,

The Gandalf of the future will have his magic staff put right in his head. He can also pick up most of the FM channels.
(by PippinsLongLostSis,

Dom - Come here, birdie...come on... here ya go... dome to Dommie...
Elijah - Uh... I don't think that's a bird, Dom...
(from BillyBoyd.Net)

Boromir's Last Request

by Saurondoll,

Aragorn: You fought very brave, Boromir..

Boromir: I need a band-aid..

Aragorn: If I didn't linger for so long, I..

Boromir: Get me a band-aid..

Aragorn: Speak not, brave warrior..

Boromir: Aragorn, I really..

Aragorn: Sshh, be still now..soon you'll be released of all the pain..

Boromir: Ara...........*thud*

Aragorn: You'll be always in our hearts, son of Gondor.

Prohibition comes to the Shire
(from NineCompanions.Net )


Horror strikes when it dawns on Pippin that he has fallen into a heap of the much-feared Mordor StingAndBite Ants.
(by LaWiseWoman, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

This effects on elijah after Dr Pepper!
doctor pepper makes me hyper!
(submitted by Frodo's girly girl)

Are you sure this is the only way that I can pierce my ears?

Orli - Okay, who put superglue on our shoulders?
Liv - Muaahaaa (evil laugh)
(submitted by Frodo's girly girl)