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The Argonath or Who Needs Oscars?

by FrodoBaggins, Elijah's Grey Panthers


"Oscars... who needs 'em..."

"Should have at LEAST gotten Best Director"

"Don't know a good movie when they see it..."



"..What tha......"


Gollum and The Stupid Phat Hobbitses

by bullroarer took, Elijah's Grey Panthers

I once had my precioussss....

Ba Da da bum

Oh, where could it be?

Ba Da da bum

Stupid Bagginses...

Ba da da bum

Stole my Precious from me!

Ba Da da bum

I said my precious

He said his Precious!

You're more than a ring to me!

Rock and roll! Thank you, Hobbiton! We're here all week! Tip your waitresses, please!


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"L'oréal.... because your worth it" *swish*
(by Naughty lil Hobbit)