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The Importance of Beeing Unseen

by Harmony4u,

This is Mr. E.J. Wood of Santa Monica, California. He can not be seen.

Now I am going to ask him to stand up. Mr. Wood, will you stand up, please?

As you can now see, he is being attacked by rabid fan girls. This demonstrates the value of not being seen ( hinting to the fact that Elijah Wood hasn't been seen or heard of for weeks).

Lij-Eeerrm! Guys! I think I'm stuck! Are you there? Billy...Dom...Orli...Sean! Your coming back right???
(submitted by The Saviour of Middle Earth)

Dom- I look so d**n sexy and serious right now..
Billy- Wow...Dom has a lot of waxy build up...
(by PippensLongLostSis,

Despite counselling, the source of Frodo's recurring "Virgin Mary trying to kill me" nightmare remains a mystery.
(by Varnast, TEUNC (Tolkien Eccentric Unusual Nut-Cases)

The Green Dragon staff realise they should have been more select with the invites to Karaoke night.
(by Varnast, TEUNC (Tolkien Eccentric Unusual Nut-Cases)


Funny thing is, this one's the "smart one"...
(by Pradera, TEUNC (Tolkien Eccentric Unusual Nut-Cases)