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Viggo: oh look Dom, these nice people want to get a picture of us.
Dom: ok, uhhhh...I think a fly just landed on my nose.
(by Raquel485)

Legolas: How deep do you think it is, Gandalf?
Gandalf: Well, it did say "Bottomless" didn't it?
(by TinkerDee)


Legolas: "I thought we needed Frodo in The Two Towers and Return of the King..."
Gandalf: "...We did"
(by BrynThaPippin)

The people of Edoras couldn't wait to hit those January sales!!
(by Isawien)

Frodo and Sam play elvish pin ball.
(by Nibs)

Galadriel: I really wish those hobbits would stop smoking their pipeweed in here!
(by LilRachy)

Legolas: My hair could I have ever lost my precious hair pins?
(by LilRachy)

Haldir: (singing) Come to the cabaret, oh chum! Welcome to the cabaret! ...... Come taste the wine! La la la la.
(by nuclear_girl)

Sam: When did we jump into a Stephen King movie?
(by Jennbear26)

Sam: It followed me...Can I keep it?
(by Jennbear26)