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Who is this person? He looks really familiar....
(starts to read the names at the bottom of the poster)
(by Faith)

*In the Godfather voice*
I coulda been somebody...coulda been a bartender...but no, i had to be...a hobbit! Whasa hobbit?! Coulda been a contenda...
(by LilRachel)

Ha! Look at that funny looking dude with no hair! ...Oh wait.. Who put this mirror in the middle of the red carpet?!
(by TinkerDee)

Billy: You have a fluff there.
Girl: Where?
Billy: Erhm right there. May I get it for you?
(by TheLateBunny)

Dom: "That black rider was looking for something....or someone.....Frodo?"
Elijah: "Um, Okay dude, that was SO last year."
(by LilBigBlue602, aka Lady Monaghan)

Billy: That's an awful Christmas tree!!
Dom: If you look at it from this angle, it's almost standing upright.
(by Mousie)

Billy: Left! Left! Fire! Fire!
Sean: No! Over there!! Get that guy!
Dom: Right! Fire!!
Elijah: Shut up! I'm firing! I'm firing!!
(by Rooty)

Cuter than your average Scot, more attractive than the other hobbits, sweeter than a ripe raspberry, it's SUPERKILTMAN!!
(by TinkerDee)

Merry: "Right, Pippin. This is your chance to get revenge on Aragorn!"
Pippin: "Yes! There he comes...Give me that apple...quick!"
(by BrynThaPippin)

Billy: Birds fly south for the winter. The Bahamas are south, but Noooooo... Dom wanted a real Christmas...
Dom: Q-quite you...
(by TinkerDee)