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The Downside of Fame and other Captions from

All these captions have been put together by Lady Monaghan on her site

Run! Run! It's a whole army of Fan Girls!!!!
(by Jennbear26)

This is your last warning, either stop stalking me, or else!
(by Jennbear26)

Lij: I understand they want pics, man. But do they HAVE to bring the cameras into the washrooms??
(by Mousie)

Ok...Well, this is the bathroom...Which I'm going to use now...And no, you cant follow me...
(by Tinkerdee)

Elijah: So that mob isn't going to come back?
Billy: Well, these swords are working so far!
(by CheshireCat)

Dom: Oh my gosh Lij, look!
Lij: Oh no, they followed us.
Dom: Try to blend in with the wall.
Lij: Dom, they may be girls but their not stupid.
Dom: Your right! We need to face them, like men.
Lij: Ok, on the count of three break!
(by ballistic_4_billy)