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"No, fair maiden. I donít know anyone named Arwen. Honest."
(submitted by Gabi)

"What...? Made in China...?
(submitted by Gabi)

The following 3 have been submitted by Kim:

These three have been sent to me by Johna a.k.a. Orlandolover111 (slightly edited):

"Stupid Northerners!" - "I left Bree for THIS?" - "Gandalf, Pippin's making facees at me!" - "Legolas, you ponce! Step on the back of my boot one more time and I'll slap you!" - "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" - "If you don't stop arguing, I swear I'll turn this fellowship around RIGHT NOW!"

Aragorn: You have my sword... er... haven't you...?
Frodo: ...and your keys and your wallet and your really ought to be more careful, Dude... .

"Hide it!" - "Use it!" - "Destroy it!" - "Pawn it off!"