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The Bagginses

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Hang on, you've got a bit of fluff on your armour.

It was no use, no matter how great Gandalf was conducting them, the orchestra couldn't keep up...

I don't care if I'm dead...You're not having it... get your own book!

Pippin - What's wrong?
Sam - We've got a flat, we need a phone to Pony Express.
Strider - Oh for the love of God!

Nooooooooo! *sob* I WANT my second breakfast!

To keep me looking this good, I rely on 8 hours of sleep each night and a facial once a week...

Then we... *giggle*... switched the prosthetic glue to super-glue... *giggle* and now *teehee* Dom can't get his feet off! *giggle*

Frodo - I only ordered a 9" deep pan. I'll never eat all of this...

Gandalf thought he would have a quick ciggie before going on.

You go on. I'll just hang around out here...

Just as they arrived at Mount Doom, Gandalf remembered that they'd left the ring at Elrond's.

Word reached Elrond that the Fellowship hat arrived at Mount Doom just as he found the ring whilst polishing.

Legolas was horrified when he realised his dandruff had come back.

Okay, hands up everyone who thinks they're hot!