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Captions from Mad about Lord of the Rings

With kind permission from Isilwen Earfalas and idril Lossehelin

Frodo: Strider said the only way to get any girls was to look tough.

No offence but if the elves made these swords how come it says made in china here?

I told you that hobbits were coming to stay, I told you they ate a lot, but did you listen no

um guys, is it meant to do that?

"What do you mean the pale greasy look is so last season"

...."She's leaving for the undying lands" "So your single now then?"

See, I can fly you fools!

What do you mean Legolas is prettier than me? your lying you have to be.....

........Perhaps I should get my hair done blonde next time.

"five little hobbits sitting in a row five little hobbits sitting in a row but if one little hobbit should accidentally fall......."