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Dom seems a bit jealous of "Pip-foo"...
(by Larissa)

Billy: "Good day to you, kids! I'm Billy the Conjuror, and i'm gonnae push thes ice-cream in Dom's face inna minute, an' he wun' even *notice*!"
Dom: "Eh, Billy, do u really think-"
Billy: "Shh, Dom, i'm still *practicin'*"
(by BrynThaPippin,

This is my forehead and i'm not afraid to use it!
(by BrynThaPippin,

Dom: I so belong on a cat walk... or something...
(by Rooty,

Everyone watches in fasination as Dom uses his mind powers to make the ball bounce.
Dom - ????
Others - Woooooooow!
(by thelittlhobbit,

The new Dom-Pack from Mattel!

Coming Soon from the makers of the Dom-Pack: The Lij-Pack!
(by IndyMcFly,