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The Jacket Captions Continued, Page 11

"Are you ready?"

"Yeah! The jacket looks great. He's going to love it!"

"Now, just remember. It will be a strange place you are going to , and he will be utterly surprized to see you there."

"I can pay him out for having me run all over the countryside these past several days."

"It will be a wonderful adventure!!"
"I'd love to see the look on his face when you pop in."

"You be careful, Frodo Baggins..."

"I'll wait for you at the Bag End set. When you have returned the jacket, I will get you back here.

"One Two Three, Don't Be Slow!
Frodo Baggins, Off You Go!!"


"What tha.........."

"Uh.... guys...."

"What the hell are you?"



"Uh.. It may have shrunk a little..."

:::: Two hours later ::::

"I've been sitting here for ages. I don't understand this game. I want to go home."

:::: Meanwhile...::::

"I merely gave him a little nudge out of the cart..."
"And he has been gone how long?"
"His contract says nothing about random days off..."

The End

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