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The Jacket Captions Continued, Page 9



"I found the jacket. It's a mess. Now what do I do?"

"And why the heck is this dream set in the middle of a snow storm?"

"The matter of the jacket is easily resolved."

"Think who might be able to repair and clean the jacket and restore it to its former glory. There you must take it, but be hasty. Peter is livid. This has taken longer than he was willing to allow."

"I think, Frodo, that also the reason you are having your dream in the middle of this scene is because FB is running out of picture options. You must be patient."

"Peter..... I saw him. He drove by. I think he was looking for me..."

.... later ....

"The Old Man in my dream said you might be the one to help me."

"And what did the Old Man say I could help you with, Frodo?" (thinks to self: What shampoo is this little hobbit using. Oh for a quick sniff....)

"Elijah left his jacket, I found it in the Dead Marshes, and the Old Man said you could clean it and make it good as new."

"Follow me."

"Are you going to be able to get it clean?"

I'll give it my best shot.."

"I thought you were going to like dry clean it or something.."

"Are you doubting my ability, little hobbit?"

" ."

"Here goes... "

"Roses are red...
Violets are blue...
Make this Jacket
As good as new..."

"Uh...... Better try it again..."

"Grass is green!
Sky is blue!
Get this coat
As good as new!!!!!"


"Be Ye Cleaned!!!!!!"



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