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Principle: What?! You think I'm SURPRISED to see these two after that new shipment of vegetables came in?!

by Melody Pippin: ughh Merry, I'm never going to be able to travel to Gondor on a horse for three days...i get travel sick!!
Merry: Uck...I sure pity Shadowfax and Gandalf...! by BubblyElfGirl Perhaps Pippin made it too obvious to that one Orc that he didn't really *need* his legs... by Prince Taldar

Darn the Washing Machine broke again....

by evilmouse222 Faramir: Darn it i forgot to anchor the boat again.... by Shadowfax Pacific
We won't let you down. by Tithar F: Is this a good time to say "why me"? by PrinceTaldar

Breaking news.
After so many captions, pictures, and spoofs about the fair people of Middle Earth experiencing the fatal moment of sitting themselves down upon a tack...
It has finally happened to Pippin.

by Melphie Pippin: I can't believe I forgot to take my anti-depressant pills today...!! by Percilla the Pink P: Be quiet Gandalf...I'm going into my Happy Place now... by PrinceTaldar

Frodo realized how little he knew about Sam the day Gollum discovered Sam's teddy bear...

by SilverRain88 Gollum: "By all the fishess! Fat hobbit sleeps with a binky TOO?!" by Myelftoo Friends can be very protective.
Frodo: No Gollum...I-I think maybe I should do the mouth to mouth this time... by PrinceTaldar No one actually believed that morning breath could be fatal until that awful day... by Vrosey88

Frodo: *running finger along rim of cup, making hollow, humming sound*
Sam: STOP doing that...

by Mevie The Three Stooges Return by PrinceTaldar The Hobbits are unimpressed with the new management team at the Green Dragon... by oh2bagrapefruit

Merry: Welcome, my Lords, to Isenguard!
Gandalf: ... Where is it?
Pippin: Actually, you'll have to talk to the CG guys about that.

by ReasonablyCrazy Before traffic lights were invented... by Melody Merry didn't have much luck convincing the others that he was the perfect model for the new Isengard Statue of Liberty... by Amersion Merry: would be that way...WE are Over-The-Hills-And-Far-Away. by PrinceTaldar Pete: For the last time, Dom, stop poking the scenery! Yes, I know it's only a painted backdrop, but that's beside the point. by Lothiriel

Legolas: Uh...guys...I think that's a "For Sale" sign I see over by Isengard...
Gandalf: *grumbles* Hobbits...

by PrinceTaldar

Legolas: No i do not want my ears pierced.

by Shadowfax Though he sometimes found them tedious, Theoden was grateful for his many body guards when he made the mistake of asking if Legolas was a natural blond. by SilverRain88 Legolas: Frustrated? WHO is frustrated?! Me or the one who is frustrated and just THINKS I'm frustrated because HE is actually frustrated?! Or do YOU think I'm frustrated just for the FUN of being frustrated so YOU can become frustrated and FRUSTRATE yourself right into Lunch Break?! Or MAYBE you're frustrated because I'M frustrated which makes ME frustrated and it FRUSTRATES you that I'm not becoming as frustrated as you hoped, so now you have to try for a FRUSTRATINGLY long time to frustrate me, so I will appear frustrated, so YOU will have the excuse to be frustrated, so EVERYONE ELSE will be frustrated so the excuse of frustration will soon be washed away to nothing, and we all end up frustrated for this first scene which will eventually lead to our fans being frustrated as well?
Camera Man: ... by Orc2

Flea in hair: Yaaay! At Last! I get a caption!

by Killer Hobbit The day Gimli regretted sailing to Valinor with Legolas... Seasickness could never be worse. by Mevie "Water...yuck..." by Tithar