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Sam: Don't worry Mr. Frodo! We'll find your contact lenses!
Frodo: Well you'd better hurry up...I can't see a single letter on that eye chart!!

by Tithar Voice over: I give you the Light of Earendil...our most beloved spotlight... by Amersion Elijah:Oh god's one of those sales guys from Orange...don't they know that I'm with Vodafone?...Get off the road!! Quick! by Lene Ien Ien FRODO: Don't fall over yourselves, guys. It's JUST the new Harry Potter book... by arwentheelf02

Grima, the champion bowler of Rohan, could not resist the sight of the guests walking in in perfect pin formation...

by PhiePhie Grima: *whispering to Theoden* they come... in the classic (almost) V-formation that Mr. Stormcrow always produces! Harhar! He thinks putting the tall blonde one in front will help, but nooooo...he makes the Ranger jealous so he starts to walk away...
Theoden: Zzzzz... by Erisan

Miss Congeniality 3.

by Mevie Eowyn realises her career as a make up artist just went down the drain. by Hyperactive Hobbit Eowyn: Look, I'm sorry, alright? I could have SWORN she said, 'I'm an Aragorn fangirl!' by Reasonably Crazy The Rohan Mona Lisa. by arwentheelf02

Legolas: K. You have to be able to master the sexy pout if you want to be blonde aswell. But you're just not getting it right!
Eomer: Right k, got it...*tries pouting*...that it?
Legolas: No! It just isn't the has to be a combination of concerned, distressed, yet surprisingly calm...with a little bit of "Yeah.I know I'm sexy".
Eomer: But that's what I'm doing!
Legolas: No you're just look confused and concerned.
Eomer: Well, put yourself in my position. Is it THAT obscure to be confused?!

by Lenne Ien Ien

Frodo: *snicker* Hehe! This rickety old wagon sure wasn't made in top-style Gandalf!...where's China anyway?

by Percilla the Pink After the ninth cup of Starbucks Coffee that morning, all Ian McKellen could hope for now was that Elijah's insane movements would tip him off the cart once and for all... by Tithar

The reason why these men were unwanted by Uncle Sam.

by gondorianlass You have to be *this* high to ride the ride... by arwentheelf02