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PJ's first casting choices of Frodo and Sam, before he discovered forced perspective.

by Hobbiteyes Arargorn didn't have to look far and wide to find Legolas's long-lost cousins- they were the kids giggling madly when they saw his manly hair. by Eryka Aragorn didn't have to look too far to deduce where the coronation cake had gone... by Hobbiteyes Things turned for the worse when saruman and gandalf realized that their new elixer of life, guaranteed to make you look years younger, worked just too well... by madtook28

ARRGH! Since when did Abraham Lincoln move to Rivendell?!

by Eryka Elrond: *hums Mission Impossible theme* If I take the shards of Narsil, it can't be reforged...and if it can't be reforged, Aragorn can't be king...and if Aragorn's not king, he can't marry Arwen! It's so perfect, so flawless...
*alarm goes off*
...crud. by gondorianlass A Dementor takes a wrong turn. by Hobbiteyes Aragorn: Arwen, I've been teaching you for weeks, but you're just not taking it in! To lurk properly, you need to stay in the shadows. You've drifted into the light again. by reasonably crazy

Frodo had the oddest feeling he was being followed.

by Hobbiteyes Frodo: Sam, I know Gandalf told you not to lose me and such, but aren't you taking this a little too seriously? by ReasonablyCrazy

After watching Legolas do countless L'Oreal poses, Aragorn decided to prove his skill in the craft.

by gondorianlass "Gentlemen! We do not stop till nightfall!"
"Awww, we wanted to build snowmen..." by Hobbiteyes Confusion turns to horror and disgust when the Fellowship are suddenly surrounded by a flock of Mordor seagulls by Kitsune

by reasonablycrazy