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After Frodo's close encounter with Shelob, any spider he saw turned him into a crazed, spider-killing maniac.

by gondorianlass National Geographic Narrator: Many primitive peoples react differently when they see technology. For example, these aboriginal albinos see this decoy camera as a threat, and are about to attack it... by thethnikkaman Frodo: Grr!! The ring is mine, and you will die before you take it away from me Sam!!!! It's my preci- Sam: Uh, hate to interuppt that great threatening Mr Frodo, but...I'm over 'ere. I think the most precious thing you'll need is some contact lenses, other than the ones that just change your eye colour. by yunalesca

Nobody move - I've lost a contact lens.

by Grimalkin Legolas: The camera-man...please don't say I shot the camera-man...
Gimli: You shot the camera-man. by Percilla the Pink When Magic Goes Wrong - the Shrinking of Gimli. by Hobbiteyes

I've busted a tooth.
I've busted my toe.
I've nearly drowned in a river.
I've bashed up my knuckles.
I've survived Helm's Deep.

Still not king.

by Tithar Aragorn discovers that, despite everything he has done, Han Solo is still more popular than him. by Hobbiteyes

Elijah: You know, I was a bit hesitant about going on Trading Spaces. But now that I think about it, the blue paint they used really brings out everything!

by 1on1xhedie and one, for the insiders... : *waves hand* You WILL give me brownies. by hobbiteyes

Hmmmm.... nice chinrest. I could be here all day....

by B.t.

The guys at matel decided to bring out legolas's true nature: blonde and forgetful.

by yunalesca's sidekick

Legolas: What? What do you mean there's no hot water? My Sheer Blonde conditioner clearly says: Leave in for 15 minutes, and rinse with WARM water!!!

by yunalesca's sidekick

PJ: See, Elijah, this is why we put you in Lord of the rings, and not Terminator.

by yunalesca's sidekick