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Contest Nr. 53

The Seventeenth Annual Staring Contest.
The winner? The one with no eyelid...

by Tithar Saruman, finding his present location something less than desireable, gets on the internet to look for apartments. by MoreLunacy Saruman: AT LAST!!!!!!!! I HAVE THE NEW MIDDLE EARTHEN PHONEBALL!!!!!!! by crazy and, as a followup: Saruman didn't think he could take the 'holding' music for a second longer. by hobbiteyes (reading) "'Step 1: Grow nails until 2" long and pointy.
Step 2: Dislocate fingers.
Step 3: Hold hand above Palantir.
Step 4: Grovel like hell. Palantir should start to glow. If no communications from the current Dark Lord of Middle-earth arrive within five minutes, he is either out to lunch, destroyed, or this is just a replica paperweight.' Well, that seems easy enough..." by hobbiteyes Saruman's gaze became frozen place when he caught sight of one of his Uruk's sneaking away from the fashion tips from Legolas? by Chaos

Contest Nr. 54

"Just because this is the WHITE city, I have to wear WHITE?"
"That's the rule, Aragorn..."

by Hobbiteyes Aragorn, after fearing it for too long, finally realized that his fears were confirmed. Gandalf had bleached his eyelashes too. by Erisan Aragorn: ..............MERLIN?!!? by Percilla the Pink Gandalf: You just bit your tongue, didn´t you? by Oryandnah

found by Vampyric Cheesecake, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Captions from the Contest at Council of Elrond

"I told you to wax the floor AFTER I left!"

by the Ruler of all Serpents And he never stole the elf's shampoo again.... by Eiam Arwen The result of trying to talk reason into an Uruk-Hai before he's had his morning coffee. by Essenya Alyssa

When Gimli saw the thousands of Uruk-Hai converging on Helm's Deep, he suddenly wished that he hadn't asked Legolas for that box.

by Oddwen Gimli after he had just seen the miracles of a migrating coconut. by The River Daughter (As Gimli watches the "firewood" go up in flames)... Legolas: Have you seen my bow?... and my arrows? by legolasslave125

There is a downside to cellphones getting smaller and smaller...

by elvencat And here we have "hobbitus wuithus hisus fingerus in hisus earus" otherwise known as a "silly hobbit with his finger in his ear" by larienna When the finger meets restistance you should stop. A concept lost on some people. by nippip