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Elijah - I know where you live! *menacing stare*
Random Fan Girl - Really?! Cause I mean if you don't, then here's my address, my cell-phone, my home-phone, my AIM screen-name, my e-mail....
by Thursdays Daughter, Elijah's Grey Panthers
Elijah - The army needs youuuuuuuu!!
(by NaughtyLilHobbit, Elijah's Grey Panthers)
"Coming soon to a theater near you. Elijah in, "The Godfather, 2003 - a New York Generation"
(by plaidpjs, Elijah's Grey Panthers)
Elijah (in Godfather voice) - I want you to take care of the family in, oh, 70 years?
(by Dr. Spleenmeister, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Elijah - I don't know why I snapped. I didn't mean to kill all the wardrobe people. Maybe it was the hobbit feet? Or the 5 am wake up calls?
(by Ygraine, Elijah's Grey Panthers)
(Note: I am absolutely certain that you would never kill anyone, Elijah... no offense!! :) )
Elijah - My word, this is a large matress. Or maybe I'm just short?
(by Dr. Spleenmeister, Elijah's Grey Panthers

This is what PJ does to cast members who get too close to the camera.

Dom - Yes, I like to climb trees. Look, I had "trees" tattoed on my hands, the very hands that I use to CLIMB TREES!
(by Dr. Spleenmeister, Elijah's Grey Panthers)

Girl: Dress? What dress?
Billy: *gulp*
by Thursdays Daughter, Elijah's Grey Panthers