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Contest Nr. 49

At first it had been exciting - but around the 53rd time of Legolas recounting his slaying of the oliphaunt, Frodo found his eyes glazing over...

by Hobbiteyes The effects of too much pipeweed on too small Hobbits. by Draigh Gold ring: £50
Have it inscribed with words of doom: £20
Actors pretending to chase ring: £200
The look on Frodo's face when he learn's that his quest was an April Fool's Day prank: Priceless by The IT Elijah- "Must Orlando brush his hair a hundred times before every take?" by Daronda Elijah: Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, don't look around the eyes, look into the eyes (clicks fingers) You're under. You do NOT want to make me and Dom queue for the Starbucks and brownies festival. You want to let us in and give us lots of free samples. 3 2 1... (click) You're back in the room. by Hobbiteyes Outside a pub in New Zealand...
Doorman: No under 18s allowed.
Frodo: I am over 18
Doorman: Yeah, sure you are.
Frodo: Look mate, Ive just come from 11 hours of being attacked by a CG spider, do I LOOK like I'm joking? by the IT Elrond: It must be taken deep into Mordor and...
Frodo: *thinking* Is he ever going to shut up?
Elrond: Frodo, are you listening to me?
Frodo: *bored voice* Sure, sure. Evil ring, Volcano, Horrendous evil, got it.
Merry: Good Eru, we're all dead. by The Elven Ringbearer Elijah: No, look- it clearly states that Frodo has a carriage and magical flying horses to carry him to Mordor. Ohh.., and what's this- yes it also says he comes home and is swathed in ultimate glory, brownies, starbucks, fangirls, and is named Supremem Ruler of the Universe. by gollum on atkins

Caption Contest Nr. 50 - Last Contest

Arwen's daddy bought her Asfaloth. And what do I get? Fatty Lumpkins, from Tom Bombadil's garage sale! Cheap Theoden. I hope he gets squashed under a horse for doing this to me!

by whitemaid Oh!! Come on!! Anyone would thought that by the third time, dominic would be tired of sticking my horse to the floor!!! by argentinian pandemonium Who told that blonde joke?! Oh, a wise guy, huh? Remember what I did to the Witch King of Angmar? Yeah, you won't be so lucky. Come over here and tell that joke again. by Angelina Brandybuck Eowyn: *sniff* Aragorn: Are you crying? Eowyn: No...*Sniff*'s hay fever...why did I have to be born to the land of the Horse Lords?! *achoo!* byThe Elven Ringbearer

That was the last contest on Bagginses. Thanks for participating and for sharing your humorous ideas. It's been a lot of fun.