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Contest Nr. 48

PJ suddenly realizes, to his astonishment, that the Riders of Rohan are, in fact, using coconuts.

by Hobbiteyes Pete: I know you may be new, but it helps if you point the camera in the RIGHT direction! by The It Upon the costume delivery for the coronation scene, Peter realizes he should have been a bit more specific when he requested Aragorn's crown to simply be "huge." Several firings by Peter and a bit of forced perspective solved the situation. by maroozer And now it's time for "Interesting Songs with Peter", the part of the show where Peter comes out and sings an interesting song. Peter will be preforming the New Zealand ballad, "The Dance of the Director" in its original Elvish. Merry the hobbit will translate. by arwentheelf02 Dom, in an attempt to be reconsidered for the role of Denethor, spends an undue amount of time staring at barbecues, fireplaces, etc, much to the alarm of everyone around him. by lights on but nobodys home

Gimli, where's Legolas?

He's washing his hair... again.

What! He'll slow us down. We need to get to Mordor!

L:Sorry! Really I am! I was trying out my new shampoo and the back said to work into a lather, rinse, repeat. And it didn't tell me when to stop. So I gave up.
A: *rolls eyes*

L: What did you say Gimli!
A: *thinking* He can't possibly be that dumb.

by EowynSwordBearer, Elijah's Grey Panthers