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Caption Contest Nr. 47

Not only had he just been shot with the arrow, on closer inspection it had a gas bill tied to it.

by Missie Seeing how Legolas's skill with the bow and arrows brought him so many fans, Aragorn decides to have a go. by Lothiriel
and, seeing that he has to have instructions, this might help:
Aragorn: *reading instructions*
"1.Place arrow in bow, making sure the pointy end faces away from you.
2.Pull back the bowstring as far as you can.
3.Aim at enemy.
5. If against multiple enemies, repeat steps 1-4"
Okay, that sound easy enough. by The It
but, after trying it:
Aragorn: Blah, blah, blah, place in bow, blah blah blah, do not point sharp end at self, so that's where I went wrong! by The It
Perhaps these instructions might have helped him:
Reading: "Attach to arrow, pointy end facing enemy. Pull back bowstring, still with pointy end facing enemy. Release. Arrow should fly at enemy. MAKE SURE POINTY END IS FACING RIGHT WAY." by Hobbiteyes Aragorn: I wish this arrow had never come to me.
Voice of Legolas: So do all who see such arrows, untill they figure out which end is the pointy end. by emmi bo blemmi Aragorn: Wait a moment... these are eagle feathers... Eagles are endangered! PETER JACKSON, WHERE DID YOU GET THESE FEATHERS?!?
PJ: Er... *gulp* by Varda A small ant on Legolas's arrow had challenged Aragorn to a staring contest. by Hobbiteyes

Frodo had already determined this to be the worst day of his life, but to lose a contact lense on top of it.........

by Frodo Baggins, Grey Havens

The Secret Diaries of Aragorn

legendary text by Cassandra Claire, captions by Calenkemeniel, Elijah's Grey Panthers

WARNING: Do *NOT* read if you didn't like the Secret Diaries or if you are even remotely opposed to slash.