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Contest # 45

Who read that map?

by Draigh "Okay who forgot to organise some one to cut the grass while we were away..." by vampyric cheesecake
or, something similar:
Frodo:Sam, that's the last time I'm letting you come along. Just look at my lawn. It's overgrown because you weren't there to mow it. Loyal gardener my a**!
Sam:I wouldn't be complaining. After all, I DID carry you up that bloody volcano. by Bramblerose Gamgee Took Frodo: heh er... guys? I think I dropped the ring... the rest: *sigh* not again! by Elizabeth the first And thus stand, forevermore as statues, the Hobbits Who Coulnd't Get Second Breakfast. by Eryka Frodo: is it just me, or is Bush a really bad public speaker? by Sharpeyed Watcher

submitted by xxFionaxx

Merry: Do you think he likes our birthday present to him?
Frodo:(shocked) A pet...spider.
Pippin: I knew he's love it! Now he can name it Harry...or George.

submitted by Emmie S.

Merry, the boogie man's under my bed! Make him stop eating my toes!

submitted by Jordan