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The town, to keep with changing times, finally installs cross-signals.

by Isilehtele Bilbo's first words as he takes his first step of the long journey to come: "I'm calling the hobbit council! This is ridiculous! Why can't people just pick up after their dogs?!! Ugh, and on MY lawn too..." by maroozer "Gandalf, are my stockings straight?" by vampyric cheesecake Bilbo: Gandalf...
Gandalf: yes...
Bilbo: I thought flying Nazgul appeared in the next film... by The It Bilbo: No, Gandalf. I refuse to enter that building again.
Gandalf: Now Bilbo, it's not the library's fault--
Bilbo: Face it. No one on the internet can spell.
Gandalf: But the captions are--
Bilbo: I REFUSE! by Fearanwen

Excuse me, sir, which way to Mordor?

sent by Emmi, found on []

Frodo: Please Sam, tell me that wasn't Sauron.
Sam: No Mr.Frodo, it's worse.
Frodo: Who is it then?
Sam: It's them idiots from National Geographic!

submitted by Jordan

Burn the Witch!

by Elanor Vanimedle, Elijah's Grey Panthers
I fear that if you don't know Monty Python's Holy Grail film, you'll have a bit of a problem understanding this one in its full fun...

Towsnpeople: A witch! We've got a witch! A witch! A witch! Burn her! Burn her! Burn her! We've found a witch! We've found a witch! A witch! A witch! A witch!

We have found a witch. May we burn it?

Burn it! Burn! Burn it! Burn it!

How do you know it is a witch?

He looks like one.

Bring him forward.

I am not a witch. I am not a witch.

Uh, but you are dressed as one.

They dressed me up like this.

And this isn't my nose. It's a false one.


Well, we did do the nose.

And the hat.

But he is a witch!

We burn him! Right! Yeaaah! Yeaah!

Did you dress him up like this?



A bit.

Yes, yeah, a bit.

He has got a wart.

What makes you think he's a witch?

Well, he turned me into a newt.

A newt?

I got better.