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Contest Nr. 42

When floral prints are just too hard to handle...

by maroozer Lady: "Eeer, Elijah... you have a little bit of spinach.. right.... there!"
Elijah: "Not again!" by we meet again mr. baggins She just couldn't tell Elijah that what he was smoking wasn't tobacco. It was too fun watching him, go into the giggle fits.
Faerie: you think that's funny, wait till you see him on brownies. by Faerie in Combat Boots

The man in the black suite in background desperately tries to fix the remote as his RC Elijah begins to shortcut.

by DomanMetheTreeLvrs
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Pippin freezes and tries to keep a strait face as his greatest fear scurries across the floor: a mouse.

submitted by eryka

Merry thinks to self:Something's different not the same...

submitted by eryka

submitted by LotRFan999

Dad, tell Pippin I'm not speaking to him.

Denethor, tell Faramir I wasn't speaking to him first.

Now, now, you two, what's going on here?

He knocked down my blocks!

Tell him I said I was sorry!

Please, can't you settle this between yourselves?

I'd like to finish my tomatoes!

by Kitty a la Mode and Bot the Orc, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Pippin shows off his amazing telepathic powers by making the blocks float in the air.

by Silverdolphin86, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Knowledge of Brownies

by Dora Goldworthy, GP and Expert on Brownie Dosage

Let´s face it - like all other things, it´s aaaall about getting the amount right. Brownies are not something which should be taken lightly after all, the concequences could be VERY disturbing:

Too much!!

Not enough..

Definitely not enough!

Just a tad too much...?

*MEEP* Too much - TOO MUCH!!

Aaahhhh.... just right!