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Contest 40

Frodo Meets Mirror

by Tree Girl The expression on Elijah Wood's face the first time he typed his own name into Google... just wait until he clicks on "images".... by maroozer Did I leave the gas on? No, no. That's right. Hobbits are a pre-industrial agrarian society. Whew! by Bubbles The blue eyes widen...Starbucks coffee has been spilled this night... by Orc2 Rubber spider: $2
Enlargement device: $2999
Bribe for PJ: way too much
Elijah's face when Shelob shows up a bit *early*: priceless. by Fearanwen PJ: Now Lij, we are just going to continue with the scene as normal, pay no attention to ice cream truck behind me. Okay Lij? Lij?!? by rosieposie This is exclusive footage of Elijah's audition tape to be the EYE of Sauron. by Tahiri Greenleaf
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Contest 41

Aragorn, Gandalf and Legolas realize that Edoras has gone WAY downhill since they last saw it.

by someone Aragorn: Well at least in Hidalgo I had a horse... by Tootzie As Legolas, Gandalf and Aragorn head out, another problem comes to their attention. "how the hell we gonna get past that camera?" by We meet again mr. Baggins Pre-War Middle-Earth Fashion Show:
For the greasy-haired look, try this design by Yves Saint Aragorn. Affordable and good for any other occassion.

For the bleach-white look, try this design by Gandalf Dior.
Good for oldies and stunning for all occasion.

For the glamorous, elegant, perfect, expensive look, try this by Donatelegolas Versace. What can I say its just perfect.
Hair by Loreal, Clairol, Garnier: 500$
Nails by Revlon: 300$
Make up by Maybeline, Revlon, Cover Girl: 700$

Going to war and dying side by side with a friend look:PRICELESS!

For everything else there's mastercard. Proud sponsor of Middle-Earth Fashion Shows.

by kimmee Aragorn: I lost a button...
Gandalf: But if I'm to be a hobo, I must have a hankerchief with all my worldly belongings tied to the end of my sword. I wonder if I could borrow Legolas's dental floss?
Legolas: My quiver is full of WATER again. I hate when that happens. Then all my arrows are WET. by Elijah Wood Stole my Duck Middle Earth Mafia: The very very very very very very very early years. by Reasonably Crazy
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GO AWAY! All these women behind me are mine! Mine I tell you!

by katydid (I'd think he didn't want those women near him, according to [this article about a woman stalker] - quite right decision, that one.... .

No comment... read the text...

found by Hobbity Shoe Supply, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Totally random and insane... don't read if you think the above caps have been too silly....!

The chickens are going to eat us now, aren't they?

I wish the chickens had never come for me.
I wish none of this had happened...

So do all who live to see such chickens, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the chicken that has come for us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of chickens. Bilbo was meant to be eaten by a chicken, in which case you were also meant to be eaten by one. And that is an encouraging thought...

or, in the encouraging words of Gandalf, slightly changed yet again....

all you have to decide is how to cook the chicken with the stove that is given to you...

by Kitty a la Mode, Queen Ian and hobbithound frodobaggins lives, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Ugh! My hair is it my face again...Im thinking about geting it cut!

But Gandalf I like your hair just the way it is!

Oh I know i just think it's getting a bit out of hand...

What style do you think I should get?

What does your heart tell you?

submitted KTM/Gollum

I can fly...! I can fly...! I can fly...!

submitted by Legolas in Moria

"Look Aragorn. This is a stick. Don't make me use it!"

submitted by Julia

And you want me to do what with this?

by Queen Ian, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Peter: Now remeber, these are-
Dom&Billy:*drool*chocolate chip, triple fudge, brownies.
Peter: Kinda.

submitted by Jordan