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Contest Nr. 39

This advertisement is sponsored by Dwarves Against Drunk Fighting.
This young elf was once a strong, happy fighter in the War of the Ring. But he caved to peer pressure and this drink became only the first out of many. Now his life is shattered, and he trapped in a jail cell in Orthanc.
Friends don't let friends fight drunk.

by LadyVoldyThing Legolas was the first to drink out of the new clay mug. After trying unsuccessfully to wrench his teeth out of the rim, it began to dawn on him that Theoden was smiling much more than was usual. by Elijah Wood Stole My Duck In an attempt to steal Hobbit fangirls, Legolas takes up Hobbit habits. by RenaissanceGrrl Legolas: ooda eck putdagloo onmmuug?!?!?!
Pippin: What did he say??
Merry: "who the heck put the glue on my mug?" by PussinBootsBloom Thomeone help me, pleath. I think it'th thtuck in my brathes! by Bubbles After contemplating the smell of the concoction, Legolas knew it was a mistake to sign up for Middle Earth's first annual Fear Factor. But everyone WAS watching him...all of a sudden... *vomit smiley* by Root Beer After losing out the Mr Middle-Earth contest to Frodo (after he had already written his acceptance speech) Legolas felt he had to drown his sorrows with a few good ales. by The Ringbearer1

Knock, knock.

Who's there?

No, I mean open the door!

Oh. *opens the door*

What is it?

We're going to fight, remember?

Sorry, the UMO (Union of Mordor Orcs) has gone on strike. So, you see, we just can't have a final battle to decide to fate of Middle about a chess game instead?

*a tough game of chess ensues, until....*

I win!

You can't have won! You must've cheated!

Me, the soon-to-be king, cheating? I think not, eyeball head!

Dirty Human!

Flaming fruitcake!

Greasy-haired orc-face!

Bodyless moron!

*sniff* No need to get mean, you know I'm sensitive about that.


(*all of a sudden a loud crash can be heard....*) CRASH!

Yeah! We win! Go us!

Oh. Was that the diversion?

by Kitty à la Mode, Elijah's Grey Panthers