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Caption Contest # 38

Theoden:...and as I was saying, people of Rohan, I do believe that my hair is a significantly bolder colour than Legolas', therefore proving that the politically correct name is in fact strawberry blonde, thus showing that...
Aragorn: Dear Log, this has been an extremely bad day. Still not King. Surrounded by incompetent fools. Singled out as a brunette.

by rosieposie Theoden: Okay, we can stop off at Exit 29 *gestures to the left*, get some McDonald's and then head to the waterpark, or we can go take Exit 86 *gestures to the right* and go fight at Minas Tirith. Men?
Legolas: Exit 29.
Eomer: Exit 29
Aragorn: Oh, all right. Exit 29. by Lily of the Shire After making fatal mistakes in trusting Viggo with doing his hair, David (Faramir) with washing his face, and Orlando with holding the reins with BOTH hands so he wouldn't break ANOTHER rib, Peter Jackson was not about to let Bernard (Theoden) have his own sword. For safety, it would be digitalized. by Anàwiel Theoden: ... aaaaand over here we can put a Ferris Wheel....and over there we can have the Oliphaunt Ride.
Aragorn: Oh for the love of Merry and Pippin..... Theoden: *uncomfortably long pause** ...and over here we'll put the hot dog stand.. by Shieldmaiden Theoden finds a new job as a tour guide. by unknown Theoden teaches everyone how to do the royal wave.
Theoden: First you raise your arm gently, cup your hand and imagine you're swilling a wine glass...
Legolas: Like this? *waves*
Theodan: No, try going a bit slower
Aragorn: *thinks* As if I need to be taught the royal wave...sheesh.... by Caitrin Gwenfrewi

Practicing Occlumency on Legolas

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Harry Potter books, "occlumency" is a means of reading another person's mind; it is very advanced magic and Professor Snape practices it on Harry Potter in the fifth book of the series, in order to help Harry protect himself against it.
So this is what happens if Professor Snape decides to do occlumency on Legolas.

by Mrs Aragorn, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Today we will be practicing the art of Occlumency...I will need a volunteer for me to read their mind.

I'll do it.

*hums men in tights*

Hey! I am an elf! I didn't pick the wardrobe Mr. I-only-wear-black!

Very well then. Step right up, and start concentrating on something.



Leg ili mens? Isn't that latin for "Legsie into men?"

It's just the spell! Now, again! Legilimens!

(what he sees)


Not even going to ask. Let us try this again. Legilimens!

(again, what he sees)

oooh, I like Revlon!

I know, I love it toooo! It doesn't flake at all!

Professor, you are talking to a man in tights, about Revlon Nailpolish? Pathetic. Wait till I tell my father...



Now, Legolas, for the last time, CONCENTRATE! AND NOT ON SOMETHING SILLY! LEGILIMENS!!!!!!

*does so*
and he sees....



She's Brazilian...*day dreams*

Ron: I....I like Brazilians!

Class! Dismissed!!

Billy - Row, row, row your car, gently down the street... Whoa, my oar just went all squiggly!

by Elanor Vanimedle, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Faramir: Just tell me your names and then you can have some brownies.
Sam: No, you give us the brownies first and then we will tell you our names.
Faramir: If you want these brownies here then you must tell me your names.
Sam: *Whispering* Frodo you snatch the brownies while his back is turned and I will keep him busy.
Frodo: But he will suspect this.
Sam: Just do as I say.

by Nerwende

Dom - Remember, I was sitting here, and you were sitting right here, and then you spilled something and had to move and then you were too hot and you had to move over here and....

by Elanor Vanimedle, Elijah's Grey Panthers