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Wait! Who's that over there...?


It's SpiderDom!

Wait a moment...

That's me...!

I'm SpiderDom!

Oh yeah!

by SupaLorLor, Elijah's Grey Panthers

And Billy, who saw the changes of Dom to SuperDom, didn't want to be left out, so he was wondering what kind of Superperson he could be...

Hmmm....what am I gonae beh?

I could be a Viking.....

Realleh? It makes me look fhat? Well, nix THAT oon.

I could be...... 'the kid'? No.

I could be like that one blue dude and be Suffer Man!

Nope. It's aWAY to could ah theh beach.

I could be He of The Pouty Lips and Awful clothing....

*sigh* but that's alreadae taken by Orli.....

I could be ah space man..... but I canae breath....

I could grow ouht meh hair oon the sides and look like Wolverine.... Wolverbilleh.... Bilverine....

Whoot are ye sayin? I shouldae be WHOOT?

Yeh, that's veeeeerrreh funny, but I dounae think so.

Oh. Never mind.

Billy is a SuperPerson, whatever character he's in!

captions by FiowynTheMagnificent, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Years ago, Elijah signed a music contract with Usher to do a major kickbutt rap album.

You can imagine his surprise when the album didn't even hit bottom selling.

He was very sad.

So he signed a new contract with Viggo for Pandemoniumfromamerica.

And his friend rockstar Dom.

It was a major hit success.

Arnold - Screaming.... chipmunks...?


submitted by Kelly Hanks