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Gollums looks at his hand - "No! No!!! Fingernails!! Gone! Gone, precious!!

Frodo - "Don't feel bad, Gollum. I don't have any fingernails either... "

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I knew I shouldn't have gotten the 120 watt bulb!

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*Elrond opens the morning mail*
Elrond - Hmm... a letter from Arwen... *reads alou*:
Dearest Ada,
Just a short note to let you know that Aragorn and I have eloped, sparing you from the huge expense of paying for a large wedding and reception. *thinks to self* Okay, practical. As long as she's happy I'll go al ong with that. *resumes reading* I've given Elladan and Elrohir all my stuffed toys, Glorfindel my romance novel collection and to you I leave dearest Ada Grandma's secret Brownie recipe because I'm taking the purple frock that you like so much with me when I go. Love, your Arwen.
¨ *desperate* - She's taking the frock?! Nnnnnoooooo!

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Saruman - I'm sorry to say that this movie theatre is closed because we ran out of popcorn. So all of you go home or I'll hit you with my stick!

How can you run out of popcorn? You've got a whole room full of it!

Saruman - This dude ate all of it!

Pippin - You mean I stood in line for 3 hours and now you say I have to go home? I want a free bag of peanuts for my trouble!

Peanuts? What about the movie?

Pippin - I don't care about the movie! I want a free bag of peanuts for my trouble!
Merry - You're crazy!

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Aragorn, why did you steal my hairdryer?

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Suddenly, to Elijah's horror, he realized that his coffee came from McDonald's instead of Starbucks.

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The guard saw Denethor jump off the edge of Minas Tirith and was thinking of flying after him.

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This is what happens when a soldier messes in Eowny's wardrobe.

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