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Eowyn's Restaurant

submitted by Heather

Hello, everyone. I'm Eowyn and welcome to my new restaurant!

She has a restaurant now?! I think I'll find a nice trash can to eat out of.

Did somebody say something about food?

Yes. Everybody sit down and I'll bring out today's special.

Pippin: Excuse me, my drink isn't fizzing.

Are you sure this is a good idea? I heard she's a bad cook.

Dude! It's far worse than you think . . .

Here's the food. I hope you like it!

Sam: I don't know if we should eat this. It looks kind of, well, disgusting.
Frodo: Just be polite and eat it.

Okay, I'll try it.

Yuck! I need to spit!

What is this?

Well! That's interesting.

Frodo: This is terrible!
Faramir: I warned you!

What is this supposed to be again?

I think I'm going to be sick . . .

Me too!

Theoden: I can't believe they are that dingy!
Legolas: What?!