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Boromir: You mean that you made Fuzzles the sheep into a COAT?!

by Stefanie Faramir Boromir and Denethor were all shock to see that they had on the same costumes for the middle eath costume party by Ronie As Denethor approaches, Boromir's reflexes kick in... "I didn't do it, Daddy, Faramir did it..." by Holz No seriously dad, who's taller? by Eryka Boromir and Faramir Worry for their father's sanity when he insists on wearing a black oven mitt and feather boa while carrying a sword and whacking anyone who calls him anything except King Arthur. by Fishface The 71st Annual Royal Family of Gondor Staring Contest. by Captain Kirk Faramir: Dad!! Boromir called me "Daisy" again!!! by Gollum Reincarnate

The Baggy Clothes of Doom

by Elanor Vanimedle, Elijah's Grey Panthers Message Board

Bring forth the pants, Frodo...

So it is true...


They are a gift, a gift to the foes of tight clothes. Why not wear these pants?

Long has my father, the head design consultant of Gap, kept the forces of spandex at bay. By the sewing machines of my people are your workout clothes kept safe!

Give Gap the pants of the enemy. Let us use them against him.

You cannot wear them. None of us can. The Baggy Pants fit Sauron alone. They have no other master.

And what would a tailor know of this matter?

This is no mere tailor. He is Aragorn, son of Donatella Versace. You owe him your allegiance.

Aragorn? This is Donatella's heir?

And heir to the Gap of Rohan.

Gap has no CEO; Gap needs no CEO.

As Frodo pushed open the door to what the Last Minute Middle Earth Travel Agency had called "Suite de Luxe" he decided not to believe everything that was printed on paper...

by LaWise

After a while on the job, Elijah started to have doubts about his job choice as bus conductor.

by a member of Elijah's Grey Panthers - could you please e-mail me, I couldn't locate the original anymore. Thanks.