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Baseballer: Dude, you called?


Virign Mary: You called, my son?

Gandalf: I'm surrounded by idiots who can't spell!

Moral: Go to school and learn to spell your best friend's name!

by Mango Madness, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Now look here, you! Just 'cos you're tall and have a funky costume and a better beard doesn't mean you can eat my brownie!

submitted by Ellie

Elrond and Arwen decide who will get the last Krispy Kreme of Middle Earth.

submitted by Curuwen

submitted by Fishface

Elijah - "Hello? 911? Yeah, this is Elijah Wood, and I'm stuck in a rage of fan girls, and I can't get out... what..? excuse me?.... Can you have my autograph?! Wh-what?! THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR THIS!!!

submitted by Christiana

by haleycopter, referring to the Remarkable Shire Blue Caption Story

And now you will see an invisible rabbit come out of my hat!

submitted by Fishface