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Galadriel's Mirror - What Frodo REALLY saw...

by Calenkemeniel, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Will you look into the mirror?

What will I see...?

Even the wisest cannot tell, for the mirror shows many things. Things that were, things that are and some things that have not yet come to pass.

*looks* [Click to see what Frodo really saw...]

I know what it is you saw, for it is also in my mind.


Yes. *makes sweeping gesture* I have the ability to see things.

Well, what did I see?

Uhm.. first, there was water, and then the water turned into fire... Quite nasty when these things happen, all the damp is very bad for my hair...

..Then you saw your beloved ones suffer, and the forces of evil reigned, and your Shire were destroyed..`

Frodo: That's not what I saw!
Galadriel: Was it not? are you sure?

Yes, I am sure!

Oh dear, this is embarrassing.. you didn't see any of those things?

No. I want my money back, you are no real fortune teller.

No can do. Did you not read the sign? "no refunds" it said.

*gets teary*

Oh dear, don't cry, please, do not cry, little boy! Is there anything else I could get you?

Well.. you could give me a kiss?

*thinks* so gullible
*says in a moved voice* Aww, isn't that sweet, sure I'll give you a kiss.

Awesome!! Gimli will turn green of jealousy!