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The Bagginses

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Are you sure about this, Gandalf?

Yes... Just spin it.. already... I'm sure I can... stay up for... a while at... least.

Very well... Left foot, yellow.

Oh God, my leg... *twitch* Argh. Auugh..... Aaaah.

I'm sure my leg isn't meant to bend that far....

Right hand, green

I can't watch *Nasty background noises of people groaning and complaining*

Spin! Spin, curse it! A wizards feet are not meant to go that way!

*groan, twitch, wince* You... scared, Gandalf?

You wish!

Left hand, blue *averts eyes*

The pain....


Doth mine ears decieve me?


You know where they are, you say?


Well, where are they?


How do you come to know this?

Does that matter?

Um, no...


What? What is it?

Your shoe....


Anyway, send them out!

So it is written...


....So it shall be done!

* meanwhile *

I knew you'd crack, old man.

What did you just call me?


THATS IT!! this time you've gone TOO FAR!!!




We are the ninja hobbits!

Oh Bugger...

Bravo hobbits! You found the Ninja Hobbits!

Damn. I'll have to give Aragorn his money back.

You bet we wouldn't succeed? *gasps* See this face? This is a mortally offended face, this is!

What? Oh. Did I say that last sentence out loud?

Yes you did! And this is a very angry face!

That's a mighty fine face you're pulling there!

Well thank you. I'm so glad you noticed.

Hm. Yes, quite. Now come, tell me. How on Earth did you achieve such a wonder as to actually find the Ninja Hobbits?

Heh. It's quite a funny story, actually...

Mr Frodo's gonna tell a story!

King Arthur - This is getting very silly! Stop it immediately!

Edit LaWise - the story continues on Grey Panthers , but because this story has already reached 450 pictures, I'll stop here. Everyone's happy, the right people have the Secret Ingredient thanks to the Ninja Hobbits, the Panthers are content, too. So, I now pronounce this to be