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The Bagginses

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You must find Viggo. He knows where Orlando is, and Orlando knows all there is to know about shiny pretty things such as this. Ad you still have to find the Ninja Hobbits

Do we get to keep the pony?

No! It's mine! My own! My precious Mr Buttercup!

Alright, alright. Keep your hat on!

And what are you going to do, Gandalf?

I shall find the one they call Eowyn. She will do anything to see Merry fail, and may get to Orlando first.

Me? What did I do?

You stole her scene, you nasty hobbit you.

Haha! I stole it good!

Yes. Quite. Anyhow...

... I must leave you now. Places to be, people to see. Ciao.

-I swear, he gets weirder by the day, Sam.
-That he may, Mr. Frodo. That he may

So now what do we do?

Find Viggo. Though where I do not know.

But precious knows, yes precious does.

What is this? Sneak up on innocent hobbits day? Sod off, Gollum.

*sniff* But Gandalf sent us, Master!

But I thought you perished in the fire of Mount Doom.

Pfft. Cheap hollywood trick, Precious.



Oh hey, Gandie. 'Sup?

I need your counsel.

Well first, dear, get rid of the old grey robes. They do nothing for your complexion. And the pointy hat? So last season.

Do you really think so?

Yah, totally. Go white, Gandie. It's the new grey.


*1 hour later*


Aaah... Much better.

Yes. Quite. Anyhow, have you seen Eowyn recently?

Yeah. About a week ago. She was wearing the most hideous black robes.

Black robes? It is as I feared... And have you seen Orlando anywhere?

Last time I saw him, he was redecorating his new house.

Then I must ride like the wind to homebase.

*much later*

Well, it's been a long, hard journey, but at last I have reached my destination...


And in among these happy shoppers is Orlando, and the secret to the One Ingredient!


Oh no! It's Galadriel! Curse her and fashion tips!

Nay! 'Tis not Galadriel! It is I, Gandalf! White is the new grey, dontcha know.

Sod off, Gandalf, I'm busy!

Never! I have come to put a stop to your Merry-hating rampage! And I've brought your husband too!

Er... that's my brother...

Well, so it is.

But I've come to stop your rampage nevertheless!


Then prepare to meet they doom...


Yes. Doooooom.

Very well. I shall fight you the only way I know how...

Indeed! Elrond! Fetch the Twister Mat of Dooooooooom!

*This is the part where it gets utterly random and insane... !*