Smiling Frodo

The Bagginses

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Brownies of DOOM you say?

Yes, DOOM!

Just making sure, thought maybe I had apple in my ear again...


Anyway, thanks so much for the information, I'm sure it will help...We'll just be going now!

Hold on a moment!

*sigh* Yes?

You didn't seriously think that you would escape the bill so easily, did you?

For a second there, yeah, I kinda did.

This shall be your doom...

* Cut to later that evening*

Pippin - How did Frodo and Sam get out of this again?
Merry - No idea.

*cut to the other side or Rivendell*

So Mr. Frodo, got any ideas of how to get that ring of brownie doom back from your crazy uncle?

I might have something up my sleeve, we'll see.

*cut to later*

Frodo: Bilbo, I'm so glad to see you safe in Rivendell, I've missed you!
Bilbo: *snooooore*

*wakes up* Oh, yes, I suppose you'll be wanting gifts...

Wow, thanks for the sword! It's so....shiny! It'll look really pretty flashing in the light as I fall down!

*waits expectantly for more*

What else could he possibly want, I gave him my house and my sword didn't I?

How about this, would you go away if I gave you a shiny shirt?

I'm mildly offended that you think I only came here for gifts!

But come now, isn't there something else you've been meaning to give me? Something smaller, and rounder?


NOO! Something shinier, like this! *pulls ring from behind Bilbo's ear like a child's magician*

Wait...I have the secret ingredient...HOW DID I DO THAT???? [insert spooky music here, followed by dramatic crescendo]


No...*sniffle* My precious is lost... *pretend Frodo is not in the background ;)*

Wow, I'm pretty awesome...

Well it certainly took you long enough to get the secret ingredient!

*GASP* You really need to not sneak up on a hobbit!!!

Anyway, now that you finally have it, your next task is to destroy it, or to find the ninja hobbits to destroy it, whichever you can do more quickly.


*maybe if I hide he'll forget I'm supposed to help.*

Mean old Wizard...I thought we were done!

So do all who accomplish such tasks, but that is not for them to decide, Samwise. That is for me to decide, and you are the cheapest labor I can find. So hurry up and do what I ask, alright?!