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A change of Style

Behold their mighty steeds.. err.. camels..! The dreaded Nazgul ride again!

Some of the Nazgul didn't feel comfortable riding the camels, most probably because most Nazgul in fact are allergic to the special fur of these animals... therefore, Brandon, nazgul nr. 5 and Noel rather prefer to ride armadillos..

Because of the incident at the ford of Bruinen, the dark lord Sauron and the witchking decided the Nazgul needed steeds more suited for water...

by Calenkemeniel, Elijah's Grey Panthers


by Dunwethien, Elijah's Grey Panthers

Someone mentioned butterflies, but as the Nazgul couldn't stop fondling their soft wings once in the saddle, Sauron decided to try something else..

The parrot idea didn't work very well either, as they turned out to be quite high-maintenance with their insanely crawings for biscuits..

All the Nazgul cheered in a very joyfully manner when Sauron appeared in their back yard with some tricycles, but after a serious incident where Brandon fell off and hit his head pretty badly (no, he was not wearing a helmet), the Dark lord decided this would be the best:

And thus, the wraiths are roaming the vast country roads in the world, always looking for new souls to devour... and gas. .

by Calenkemeniel, Elijah's Grey Panthers