Smiling Frodo

The Bagginses

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Frodo: Yes! We're out!!!

Frodo: We're out!!!

Frodo: WE'RE FREE!!!!!
Sam: Be quiet Frodo

*The Hobbits decided to go to the hotel of Elrond's restaurant, because it seemed like a clever thing to do and Frodo was very tired...*

Frodo: Uhhhhhh!

Oh, hi Sam.

I've got some bad news, Mr. Frodo.

Don't tell me our quest has failed!!!

Erm . . . no. You, but you slept longer than any of us could have imagined, and we can't afford the hotel bill. We're gonna have to sneak out

This is turning out to be more complicated than I thought!

We must sneak past the reception, guys, and be quiet. The elves have keen ears!

And then we sneak on into the kitchen.

To see if there are any brownies we can snatch?


I'm telling you again, for the 100th time , that we're going to see chef Elrond! He might have info on the one brownie ingredient. Got it?

No chance for brownies? I can't have a look around?

You shall do as I say, and you shall do it now!!!

Holy Eru! Calm down, dude! I'm coming, okay?

*So our heroes sneak along the corridors...

Can you see any elves, Sam?
No, mister Frodo. Not a single one.


*gulp* We're not running from our bill! Honest!



Chef Elrond has sent for you. He seeks to speak with you.

That fella doesn't look like the sort of person I would trust, mister frodo...

But we have no choice but to trust him. Remember that little thing called "hotel bill"? This could be our way around it. Come on, guys.

*they follow this untrustworthy fellow to the restaurant*

Welcome to my humble restaurant, gentlemen. I am chef Elrond. I hear the one brownie ingredient have been found.

Yes mister sir. That's right. Gandalf has sent us on a mission to find it. Can you tell us about it?

I know one thing, young master. If the one ingredient falls into the wrong hands...

The result will be brownies of DOOM!!!


To be continued soon....