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The Bagginses

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Nasty, evil little Merry...


Die you scene-stealing scum! *attacks... hat-stand. Yes. That's what it is. Just a very amazing hat-stand...*


Yes? What?

Firstly, look what you've done to my hat-stand!

I'll have you know these arms were straight this morning!

*sniff* I'm sorry... *sniff*

Yes, quite...

Secondly, that big firey eyed dude says you know the secret to the Secret Ingredient

My lovely, precious-

Dude. Get a girlfriend.

What? Oh, just tell me the secret, darnnit!

Well... you see... *sniff* I don't actually know it...

Haha! You're kidding!... right?

No. *sniff sniff* I'm not...

But I know a guy who does!

Who? Who?

He is the one they call Orlando.
*dramatic music*

He is currently redecorating his summer house.

Orlando's voice - What is that hobbit doing there?

We know your secret about the Secret Ingredient!

*And Orlando, who realises the obvious, that Frodo knowing about his secret Secret Ingredient isn't a good thing, decides to throw them in his summer house dungeon (a scene, which, out of lack of pictures is skipped here*

We'll get you for this, Orlando!
*The hobbits are locked in the very same cells that Ori, Gloin, Thorin, Balin, and way too many other dwarves with confusing names were put in over 60 years previous.*

And so the poor hobbits were trapped...

Sam: Is that a secret door?
Frodo: No, Sam. You asked me that ten minutes ago.

Sam: Oh. Well. Is *that* a secret door?
Frodo: Sam. There are no secret doors.

But I don't like it in here, Mr Frodo

That, Sam is infact the point.

We're trapped!

And I'm hu-u-ungry!

Oh shut up. I'm sure Gandalf will come and rescue us sooner or later.

Any minute now...

*4 hours later*

Is Gandalf coming soon, Frodo?

*twitch. glare* Gee, Pippin, shall I just use my amazing psychic powers and find out, huh?

That'd be great!

Must. Not. Kill. Pippin. Brownies, think of the brownies Frodo!

Sam: Hang on! Is that a secret door?

For the last time Sam! THERE ARE NO SECRET DOORS!

No. Wait. It is!

Continued soon... .