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The Bagginses

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*meanwhile, at Bilbo's*

Mmm... My precious... My lovely ring- Er. Secret Ingredient...

If only I could figure out how to work the damn thing...

So... Gandalf, old chum, you know a lot. Maybe you know a lot about Secret Ingredients...?

Pah. You going down, old man!

I'm a hobbit actually.

*30 minutes later*

Bah.. Hmm. Ancient Cookery Lore... Brownies, brownies... Secret Ingredients...

Aha! *mumble mumble* Leave to cool for 20 minutes...

Is that it?

Stupid thing... Yo! Big firey eye! Little help here?


Can't get it to work.

*sigh* Is it really that hard...? Look. You just- *ding* Oh. Darn. That's my casserole. Catch ya later...

But how can I beat Gandie's brownies without the One Secret Ingredient To Rule Them All?

Geez... Dude. I'll send a friend.



That was quick.

Indeed. I am the one they call... *pulls back cloak*

... Eowyn! *dramatic chord*

Hehehe. But you're not evil!

I have a life out of the stables, you know.

And besides, I have a score to settle with the one they call...

.... Merry! *dramatic chord*


*meanwhile, with our hobbity friends*


So...where are the brownies?

There's work to do before you get the brownies, Pip...

Oh no!

*mutters under breath* I might just go on a strike before this is over!

I say we start with going to Rivendell. Maybe the chef at the restaurant there can tell us about this secret ingredient, cause to be honest, I haven't got a clue!

Well, ain't that news!

Will there be brownies in Rivendell?

We'll just have to wait and see, Pip.

Who cares? They can't be as good as Gandalf's anyway!

Well, they are bound to be better than Bilbo's! *shudders*


*Shakes it off* Okay, then. Off to Rivendell we go, to seek the council of chef Elrond!

*mutters to self* I bet he isn't even that good a chef!

*and off the brave hobbity friends go!*

More to come soon...!